My newest aerial loves- my teardrops.

So… I finally decided to invest in some new equipment, after a long 7 years of training/teaching pole everyday and only flying around on a few different aerial apparatus I wanted to play on something new. Luckily for me I came into contact with Pete and Sue owners of PoleAmor who had some very interesting pieces up their sleeves.

My first new love Teardrop Lyra

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How beautiful - Much prefer this to a regular hoop as I find I have so much more space. I usually like to do a lot more flippy based lyra tricks, so being able to do dramatic rolls through the middle without the worry of cracking my leg off top bar is greeaaattt for me. Powder -coated finish is also very nice and not a problem for me as I have super dry hands and also gives that freedom of being able to roll quicker over the bar which is a little more tricky with tape. But honesty if you do struggle with slippy hands then a little tape maybe a good idea.

My teardrop lollipop

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As they are a family I then decided to purchase my first ever lollipop - teardrop. Perfectly timed for a production of Barnum I was asked to perform in, so within a week of receiving my lollipop teardrop I was then on stage with it. It fit absolutely perfectly in with the show, as it was something really unusual that people in the audience had never seen before.

I love my Teardrops


I am not being paid to do this post I just wanted to share the love of my new shapes, and to support PoleAmor as they’ve helped me out a lot and I really appreciate it.

Happy flying. @imogengunter